Make Today Your Day

Are you  looking to do a development project, purchase a commercial property or inject capital into the business - let us help you make today the day you make it happen

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Our aim is make your business goals a reality, our advisors have over 20 years experience either running businesses, developing and deploying processes, shaping strategy or growing companies to the point of sale - we know how to help a business reach its full potential and have access to every source of funding to make it happen.



Most business owners don't know how to raise money if the bank say no.

Funding Options & Mortgages

Many of our clients don't just want an advisory firm to tell them what they need they want them to be proactive in making that advice a reality thats why

we source funding options from a number of different and varied suppliers, be they Equity or Debt based we know how to raise you the capital you need, but more than this we know how to structure it so that the money get's things done in the right way for you.



58% of Businesses >3 years old have the opportunity to grow but don't know how.

Strategic Advisory Services

Our Advisory Service sees us get under the skin of the business - we look for opportunities, give evidence based reports on deal viability and due diligence, report back on market competition, review your brand impact and look for ways to help you make your money,



F&M Consulting Services Limited is authorised and Regulated by  the Financial Conduct Authority we are a broker and not a lender and lenders may pay us a fee when we introduce work to them.

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